Stray into the twilight of Irish mythology

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Taster: Introductions and excerpts

Chapter 1: Buried Trove  

Chapter 1a: The Black Pony

Chapter 2: Bite Marks 

Chapter 2a: The Spotty Woman

Chapter 3: Staying in the Rath

Chapter 3a: Delighted Thieves and Disappointing Warriors

Chapter 4: A Robbery  

Chapter 4a: The Broom Peddler

Chapter 5: An Enchanted Rat

Chapter 5a: Fionn’s Defeat

Chapter 6: Crooked Chimneys  

Chapter 6a: The Interesting Stones

Chapter 7: Duck Eggs  

Chapter 7a: The Ancient Circle of Wisdom

Chapter 8: Trapped   

Chapter 8a: Valley of Regrets

Chapter 9: Suspicions of Witchcraft  

Chapter 9a: Blood Spilled

Chapter 10: The Ratcrap Kiss